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Untitled by Murmansk
by Murmansk
Deserted Village : DV19 : 2005
EUR 0.00

Finally another Murmansk album, once again too inscrutable for a title. Recorded in early 2004, this marks the move towards increasingly alien, electronic territory. This is the most harsh and austere Murmansk release yet.


Review from Vital Weekly
Just the bandname and label's website: that's all what is mentioned on the cover of the latest release by Murmansk, released on their own Deserted Village label. The story is perhaps known by now: the members of this Irish band met for the first time during a workshop by AMM's Eddie Prevost and since then they play their own brand of improvisation music. The two pieces captured here are of course live recordings, perhaps in front of an audience, perhaps not, but goes back to their first release 'End Of Navigation' release for Humbug (see Vital Weekly 415) in that respect that their music is much more present, upfront and at times considerable noisy. The AMM inspired silence that was a little present on the previous release (see Vital Weekly 464) is reduced here in favor of the more noise related approach, especially in the second piece. I assume they play guitars, bass and perhaps some few wind instruments. Murmansk has grown more into something of their own, which is always a good thing. This release shows them balancing on the edge of some silence and many louder moments. Quite captivating. (FdW)