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s/t by Weapons of Mass Destruction
by Weapons of Mass Destruction
Deserted Village : DV11 : 2004
EUR 0.00

Recording of the first frenzied gig by the trio of Bryan O'Connell, Fergus Cullen and Gavin Prior. Free Rock from a sultry summers evening in a near-empty Lazybird.


"Janis Joplin Breast-feeding LSD to Tiny Tim at a Ramones reunion gig in Heaven"- MOJO

"A great night out" - Michael Barrymore

"The Jesus Lizard on ketamine groping a pissed-up Primus in a Turkish bathhouse" – Plan B

"Papercop in an Armagh cattle crush getting pumped in the rump with angel dust by Toymonger" - Jackie Healy Rae, TD

"Let WMD fuck yr world today" - Ronan Keating, Entity of pure energy

"History will prove them right" - Tony Blair

"The W is for Weapons" George W Bush

"Jimi Hendrix on Acid" - Hot Piss Magazine