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@ Dublin: The Joinery
Sunday 1 April 2012 at 19:30
Price : €10

Skinny Wolves Presents


Sunday 1st April 2012
The Joinery, Stoneybatter, Dublin

ADM €10



John Wiese is an artist and composer from Los Angeles, California. His ongoing projects include LHD and Sissy Spacek, but is known for his collaborations with many artists as diverse as Sunn O))), Wolf Eyes, Merzbow, Thurston Moore, Bastard Noise, No Age, Smegma, Kevin Drumm, Cattle Decapitation, and C. Spencer Yeh as well as his work as a solo artist. He has toured extensively throughout the world, covering Europe, Scandinavia and Australia as a member of Sunn O))), the UK as part of the Free Noise tour (a tentet including Evan Parker, C. Spencer Yeh, Yellow Swans, etc.), the United States alongside Wolf Eyes, and recently performed in the 52nd Venice Biennale with artist Nico Vascellari. While releasing albums on a variety of international labels, Wiese often releases work on his own label, Helicopter.

His newest release ''Seven of Wands' on German label, Pan, was mainly developed while touring the US, UK and Europe with Liars, No Age, and (in quadraphonic) Matmos, and feature source material contributed by Angus Andrew (voice, field recording) and Julian Gross (percussion) of Liars.

Seven Of Wands contains a romanticism only hinted at previously. Comprised of pieces from a range of eras and sequenced into a narrative arc, this very unique album has a quality of being beautiful, listenable, immersive, and transportive all at once. He probably wouldn't like this, but I dare say "musical."



Andrew Fogarty (Boys of Summer, Reptile Brain) and Gavin Prior (United Bible Studies, Sabre Series) explore primitive home-made electronic music-making. They exclusively use amplified strings, steel, drum machines, bad circuitry, tape, clarinet, detritus, etc. The equipment is constantly breaking down and is never fetishised; the atmospheres created, more important than experimental tinkering.



Under a new guise for Ed Devane, an Irish producer who pushes his sound and his audience into new areas of listenership; Withering Zithering is the result of his noise influenced drone experimentation with the zither instrument.

Not content with performing and recording his work with the stringed zither, he construct his own bespoke instruments, further enforcing his experimental approach to sound production and design.

Rightfully described as stunning ambience by Acre; Shattered Sense of Calm is both fittingly titled and a sublime listen that rewards those who take the time to delve into its landscape.

Great stuff from a label and artist both regarded by us at Darkfloor as essential listening. - DVNT [Darkfloor]