Deserted Village
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Deserted Village have released the first (awakeinwhitechapel) and now the last Thinguma*jigsaw albums.

The double LP"Misery Together" is their epic Swansong.

Two elusive, exceptional, pivotal personalities - cunningly spinning a web of flamboyant brouhahas within the idiom of their own device: charming, clever, generous, sinister splatterfolk.

Splatterfolk combines elements of traditional Irish/British/American folk with contemporary art music, and spices it up with lyrical and musical components usually associated with horror films, experimental theatre and modernistic poetry. There is also an abundance of film and popcultural references. It's the new revolution within the folk music - scene of today, and you will find no finer exponents of this subversive art than Thinguma*jigSaw.

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