Deserted Village
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Seán Mac Erlaine (Seán Óg)

Known for his work with Murmansk, United Bible Studies,The Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree and Agitated Radio Pilot Seán Mac Erlaine released a solo album "Very Little Is Weightless" on the deserted village when he was known as Seán Óg.

"Drawing on his experience as a jazz performer/composer, multi-instrumentalist Seán Óg has brought these elements to a looser, homespun arena of free-improv, chance composition and electronic soundworlds.

The structures of most of the tracks are improvised with more parts (be they clarinets, an autoharp, no-input desk or found sound) laid over them, creating a shimmering, earthy and intensely warm record

Recorded during the winter of 2003 in a basement studio in Dublin city, the album offers a strange yet inviting mixture; broken melodic snatches played off rumbling static fields, saxophone lines hovering over brittle, bouncing odd-meter grooves or the unexpected song-form of Heaven Remade."