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Dave Carrol: Percussion
Fergus Cullen: Guitar
Gavin Prior: Percussion & Electronics
Paul Roe: Bass Clarinet

Amygdala's debut (and only) album is an unedited recording of the first meeting of an odd and exciting line-up: Dave Carroll (E+S=B) on percussion, Fergus Cullen (E+S=B) on guitar, Gavin Prior (UBS) on percussion & electronics Paul Roe (Concorde Ensemble) on Bass Clarinet. This unplanned hour-long session arose from two overlapping sessions in the Deserted Studio and was an enjoyable departure for everyone involved. Paul Roe draws on his contemporary music background, exploiting a wealth of extended technique. His humming and clicking blends in and out of whatever noise or groove comes his way. He is met half-way by the non-academic musicians in a stew, stranger than the sum of its parts.It is an extremely fluid set with frenetic grooves twisting and turning before dissolving back into free formlessness.


Around the time of this recording Fergus Cullen was also playing guitar with twins Anto and Dave Carrol in a new lineup of the Wormholes which morphed into the still active E+S=B or European Sensoria Band

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"Fans of slow, wandering drone clatter and abrasive noise masquerading as free jazz, this one is for you!"
- Lee Jackson, The Broken Face

"Derek Bailey on poppers" - Q Magazine

"Absolutely thrilling; like Slayer and Kajagoogoo locking horns at a Bar mitzvah" - Joe Duffy

"Utterly Visceral, like a drunken brawl between Borbetomagus and Motley Crue in an abattoir" - The Face

"Think Bez from the Happy Mondays administering crack to a menstruating Miles with one hand and a hand shandy to a coked-up Coltrane with the other" - Mojo

"These Bitches brew up a storm in my D-Cup" - Jazz Times

"Such an agitated racket can only be likened to Sonny Sharrock welding a donkey to justly-intoned harpsichord with a breathless Albert Ayler skronking encouragement"
- The Wire

"Syd Barret on acid" - Hot Press
Amygdala Recording Session 2003


s/t by Amygdala

Past Events

We are Knives, Amygdala, David Lacey/Cormac O'Brien/Sean Óg, Tremors
@ Boom Boom Room, Conways, Parnell st, D1
Friday 13 January 2006 at 21:00
Price : €7

Keith Rowe & John Tilbury, Kuwajima/Brouwer/Peverett/Gladwin/Harrison/Gilmore, Amygdala.
@ Holy Trinity Chapel, Leeds, UK.
Thursday 4 March 2004 at 21:00
Price : €??