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United Bible Studies, Dublin, 2006


'The Avalon Sutie' EP By Gavin Prior Out Now

Wednesday, 1 April 2015 THE AVALON SUITE EP

"While teaching children English in a hagwon (for-profit evening academy) in Incheon, Korea I was often struck by the bizarre, stilted English in some of the dialogues on the CDs we used for listening classes. I left some choice audio on my hard drive knowing I'd find a use for it some day. The sample used in the first track 'Little Laurie" sounded to me like an inquisitive young Laurie Anderson learning the ways of the world."

Free Download on Deserted Village.


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2 New Tapes: The Sunken Hum, Woven Skull

Wednesday, 15 October 2014 We're just released two brand new Tape/downloads. Selections from a year-long field recordings diary by The Sunken Hum and hypnotic, driven forest folk from Woven Skull.

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Gates creaking, cats meowing, rain playing rhythms on a tin roof: these are the sounds that make up The Sunken Hum. Centered around the wilds of Leitrim in the the northwest of Ireland, The Sunken Hum is a collection of field recordings captured by Natalia Beylis every day for one year.

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Since 2008 the core trio that make up Woven Skull have been gathering together in the Northwest of Ireland in a place called Leitrim which is known for its tales of ghosts, ‘tree folk’, underwater creatures and the constant battle calls of the ancient Tuatha De Danann that can be heard on Letirim's Iron Mountain. These are the surroundings and forces that influence the sound that Woven Skull creates: a contrast of minimal drones, repetition and psychedelic distorted riffs all layered in constant unconscious rhythms.


Saturday, 20 September 2014 Bryan O'Connell: Drums
Gavin Prior: Guitar, Electronics, Bass, Percussion, Piano Innards, Vox
Diarmuid MacDiarmada:Tenor Sax, Trombone, Percussion, Garden Hose, Vox


Tarracóir (pron. tah-ra-core) is Gaelic for Tractor - think Grindcore, Hardcore (but never Normcore!) and a gravitation pulling you in.....


Tarracóir formed in Dublin where the three had played together for years in United Bible Studies. Tarracóir was formed to create something more primitive & brutal, something "pure ignorant". Each Tarracóir performance is an antidote to Western Culture's enfeebling denial of the irrational and cthonic parts of our nature. Tarracóir's genre is "Base Metal" - the listener is the alchemist. Listeners will hear elements of Free Jazz, Death Metal and the blare & clatter of Tibetan Buddhist demon-chasing rituals. “GROWTH” consists of their first two gigs edited, collaged and overdubbed for max impact.

The Primal Barber Trio:

Saturday, 25 January 2014 The Primal barber Trio 3

The Primal Barber Trio "BARBERBarberbarber": 3" CDR in greeting card. Art by Stuart Geelon.
The Primal Barber Trio is a new all-acapella group of Stuart Geelon (Drainland, Luxury Mollusc), Aonghus McEvoy (Drainland, Woven Skull) and Gavin Prior. Their debut EP "BARBERBarberbarbr" is out now on Deserted Village'.The source material is live-in-studio vocal improvisations which have been layered and collaged together by Prior into a brain-bending voyage, like getting lost in a cave only to stumble upon a primitive proto-singing circle. The songs our ancestors sang in the dark before they harnessed fire.

For Tom Carter

Monday, 12 August 2013 We're delighted to finally be able to announce the release of this epic, international compilation. It's been a long time coming....

It's downloadable now.

This compilation aims to help out with costs incurred during Tom Carter's recovery from the illness which hospitalised him during Charalambides European tour last year. The number of artists who wished to be part of it kept growing & so here it is, a little further down the line than we'd planned, but with so many incredible contributors, we hope it's been worth the wait.

Thinguma*Jigsaw Farewell Tour With United Bible Studies

Thursday, 11 April 2013 April 25th: Dublin, The Joinery
April 26th: Dublin, Bewley's Cafe Theatre w/ Cinema Of Spirits*
April 27th: Cork, Plugd w/ Peter Delaney
April 28th: Galway, W/ Yawning Chasm

*All dates with UBS except the 26th.

We're joining our friends Thinguma*jigsaw for their last EVER Irish shows. Ireland has been a huge inspiration for them ever since they lived here 5 years ago so following the release of their final album 'Misery Together' on Deserted Village they're coming back to say goodbye.

Thinguma*jigSaw Farewell - The Joinery

United Bible Studies - I Am Providence

Tuesday, 11 December 2012 I Am Providence by UBS

Recorded in one day in Providence, Rhode Island on their 2008 US tour, I Am Providence is utterly unique even in the discography of United Bible Studies. The band performed a musicial ritual at HP Lovecraft's graveside then an a capella house show that evening with locals Alec K Redfearn, Orion Rigel Dommisse and Manbeard and their touring companion Sharron Kraus.

You can get the LP + Download + Postcard at the UBS Bandcamp

Gavin Prior: Babbleon Cork Download Out Now

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

“Babbleon Cork” is the result of my residency in the Guesthouse in May 2010. I’ve created an audio collage in three parts composed solely of sounds recorded during my time in Cork.....The result is a short album which captures the energy of the city mixing layers of abstracted sounds and the fluent, irreverent utterances of the Corkonians themselves. I’ve released this project as a free download under a creative commons licence leaving it open for sampling and remixing." - Gavin Prior, November 2012.

I Am Providence by United Bible Studies

Friday, 12 October 2012 Coming soon on Jellyfant


Odd Job & Murmansk Download Reissues

Tuesday, 18 September 2012 Murmansk DV19
Murmansk "Untitled"
"Once again too inscrutable for a title. Recorded in early 2004, this marks the move towards increasingly alien, electronic territory. This is the most harsh and austere Murmansk release yet."

Odd Job DV4

Odd Job "Macro-Made Session"
A single 28-minute track of subtle nocturnal ambience from the French sound artist Sebastien Chou. Close attention is required to perceive its ever-evolving nature.

"....weird lo-presence sonic sonorities...." -Thurston Moore, Arthur Magazine

Both releases can be downloaded for free from our bandcamp page